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Tanzania has a wide range of authentic, indigenous traditions to be shared with the rest of the world thus proudly boasts of being enriched with 120 tribes and traditional cultures and many more languages and dialects.

From the Banana eaters and Arabica coffee growing enterprising Chagga’s of Kilimanjaro, to the colorful Maasai’s of the Ngorongoro highlands hunter gatherers, Hedzabes and Ndorobo ‘bushmen’ of lake Eyasi, the Hiraqwi people of the 500+ years old mysteriously abandoned lost city known as Engaruka, the Mbulu’s of Mt.Hanang (2,800m) and the Coast (Saahil) – Swahili people who habitat along the 804 km stretch of the Indian ocean coastline. Undoubting there is surely something you will find common, amongst this vast range of cultures and traditions of the Tanzanians.


Tanzania is blessed with almost all natural resources. We at AKE design and organize customer oriented itineraries to various mining sites around the country. These trips are meant for people who want to learn or engage in the precious mineral or gas sector. A visit for a view of mineral deposits or just learn in brief, the prospecting methods used in excavation minerals such as Diamond, Ruby, Gold, Emeralds, Sapphires, Alexandrite, Tanzanite, Garnets and other colored gemstones and mineral prospecting sites is highly rewarding.


These excursions involve visiting farm areas of coffee plantation and factory estates, sugar estates and production industries around Kilimanjaro and Arusha regions, touring spice farms in Lushoto, endemic to those areas. Rice fields, banana plantations and fish farms.

We at AKE Company design quick single day’s customized itineraries that combine cultural and wildlife driving safaris, hiking/walking, boating trekking with donkeys, camel  and horse riding in view of the mountains.

A strong cultural integrity bond is established through a ‘people to people’ contact by learning their ways of living, food and beverages preparation, livestock herding and land environmental cultivation, as you visit these villages. The economic benefit earned by the host community, organizations and other authority’s concerned in managing and conserving the areas create a major impact to everyone involved.


It’s forbidden to paraglide over National Parks though; there is now a MICROFLIGHT operation over the lake Manyara’s Great Rift Valley escarpment wall.

Please contact us for detailed information regarding paragliding and cultural combined itineraries of your choice.

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